This week brought about lots of learning in the general areas of JavaScript and WebRTC, and some challenges to say the least. Creating (sorry, as of this writing there's nothing there yet) as a reliable/uniform browser-based product will be challenging, because WebRTC is not supported uniformly across all major browsers and platforms. Some features like detecting media devices work great on Chrome but not so good on Firefox, for example.

In any case, this week I worked on prototyping the following features:

  • Local audio recording in wav format
  • Local video recording in webm format
  • Screen sharing (needs more work)
  • Time Elapsed tracking during recording session

I realized that audio recording needs to be the primary focus of FusionCast at the moment. I had been thinking about many different features that I'd like to implement, which would make FusionCast more "complete" and would provide a fuller experience to the user. In my head it all made sense. But after having a conversation with Chris Enns of Lemon Productions, who graciously donated some of his time to answer some questions I had and provided a different perspective (thank you Chris!), I realized that in the beginning I need to focus mainly on recording, and make it the best it can be, so that FusionCast can be competitive. After that I can iterate and add some other bells and whistles to it.

I think that's all I have for this update. Next week I'll focus on setting things up on, and I'll continue polishing the prototype. I'll be enhancing the UI with some neat icons and hopefully will have a sceeenshot or two to share.

Thanks for reading!