It's Friday. Happy Friday! That means it's time for another update on building

Dealing with video and audio media streams of course means dealing with media devices, the actual hardware attached to your computer, like cameras, microphones, and speakers. One of the challenges of building a recording web app is not only being able to detect available devices, but also automatically detecting when a device becomes unavailable, and how to deal with it.

For example, what happens if the microphone is disconnected in the middle of recording? And what happens if the microphone is connected back in? Should the app stop recording? Should it just pause and wait until a microphone become available? Should this be handled automatically? Is it even possible to handle it automatically? Or should the user reset things manually? These are some of the questions I've been facing as I develop the recording capabilities of FusionCast.

I don't have all the answers yet, but this week I've been deep in JavaScriptland coding away some recording functionality and media device detection.

I also worked on several other tasks:

  • Refactor code that populates media devices dropdowns
  • Refactor and clean up code in custom events emitted between parent and child Vue components
  • Fix issue when stopping screen sharing
  • Open a farewell modal upon leaving the recording studio (room)
  • Put in place a VERY basic landing page on

I didn't get around to getting some screenshots of the app, in part because the UI is still very much in alpha. The whole app is in alpha, for that matter. I'd like to polish it a little more before I start sharing. Maybe next week, I hope.

Thanks for reading!