These are some of the side projects I've worked on over the years. Some are active, others rest in peace in the grave yard of side projects. Ordered from most recent to oldest.


A remote podcast recording platform. Records high-quality audio and video locally in separate tracks. This is my SaaS, which I started working on at the end of 2019. In private-beta as of March 2021.



A listing for people wanting to guest on podcasts. Built in one day as a "no-code" prototype with HTML, CSS, and Airtable. Launched in 2019.



An implementation of the Ivy Lee productivity method. Yes, another to-do app, but this one is for my personal use only. Built with Laravel, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, and an early implementation of Inertia.js. Launched in 2019.



An open source JavaScript micro library to enhance mailto links with a convenient user interface. Built with vanilla JavaScript. Launched in 2019.

MailtoUI.js - Enhance your mailto links with a convenient user interface. | Product Hunt



An online tool to create printable seating chart posters for wedding receptions and similar events. Built with Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, and TailwindCSS. Launched in 2018.



An API to add barcode generation capabilities to any web or native app. Built with Laravel and MySQL. Launched in 2017.



A web app to follow and keep track of tech conferences. Built with Laravel, MySQL, and Vue.js.

never launched

Level Up with Markdown

A free Markdown video course with built-in markdown editor and preview to practice while learning. Built with Laravel, Vue.js. Launched in 2017.



A mobile app to find things to do outdoors. Backend built with Laravel API, MySQL. Frontend built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using the PhoneGap framework.

never launched


A job board for tech jobs. Built with Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Launched in 2015.


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