Hey, this is Mario 👋

It's great to have you here! I'm a software engineer and indie maker who loves to build things on the web. These days I enjoy creating solutions using Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Jekyll, Statamic, and other amazing open source tools.

My journey in tech began in the late 80's when, as a young teenager, I began learning to code in the old BASIC programming language. The thrill of writing code to make the computer do something was incredible. I instantly knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I've been building things online since the early days of the web. I took an academic detour, but eventually went on to earn a degree in Computer Science. As an indie maker, I've been trying to build my own software business for a few years now. I think with Fusioncast, I'm now closer than ever to that goal.

I love to create software products that are useful, solve problems, and help people. I enjoy sharing what I know through my blog, where I write about web development, design, building things, and other tech related stuff. I also share quick updates about my indie maker journey in my work journal.

Thanks for reading!

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