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Building My SaaS in 2020

During the 2019 holiday season break I had a chance to spend time thinking, researching, planning, and prototyping a new project.

Creating a Sticky Footer with TailwindCSS

Creating a sticky footer with Tailwind is quick and easy.

The Story Behind the Creation of MailtoUI.js

From Idea to #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Installing Imagick Extension for PHP 7 on Ubuntu 16.04

Imagick is an optional PHP extension that allows you to manipulate images programmatically. Here's how to install it on your server.

How to Use Real Global Constants in Laravel

If you use config variables, they are not constants. They are variables. Check out how you can load your own real global constants in Laravel.

Set Up PHP Coding Standards Fixer for Sublime Text 3

Easily apply coding standards to keep your code nicely formatted.

Create a Quote Box with HTML and CSS

Create a stylized box that mimics a bubble for a quote.

Create a Dynamic "Go to top" Button

Create a button that fades in when page scrolls down and fades out when page is scrolled back up.

Jekyll BoilerPack

Get new static site projects started quickly with my Jekyll boilerplate.

Host a Static Site on AWS S3

Step-by-step instructions to host a site in AWS S3.

Load a Random Background Image on Page Load in Jekyll

Learn one approach to loading a background image randomly each time the page loads.

Highlight Code Snippets with Rouge in Jekyll 3

Learn how to setup Rouge for Jekyll 3 to syntax highlight code snippets in your blog posts.

Dismiss Bootstrap Popover on Next Click

How to automatically dismiss a Bootstrap Popover when the next click occurs.

Stop Video Playback in a Bootstrap Modal

A video embedded in a Bootstrap Modal continues to play, even after the modal is closed. Learn how you could fix that with a little bit of JavaScript.

Save Data From Multiple Models Into a Single Zip File in PHP/Laravel

Learn one approach to creating a zip file with data from multiple models.

The Difference Between Tilde and Caret in NPM package.json

I need to remind myself of this all the time. So here it is.

Ignore Files Git is Already Tracking

Learn to stop tracking a file in git. Like when you realize a file has been committed to your repo but shouldn't have because it has sensitive info, or it simply shouldn't be there.

Use blockUI.js to Disable User Input Upon Form Submission

Learn one approach to disabling user input once a form submission has been initiated.

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